A little background on me...

I have spent the last 13 years managing and advising successful cannabis businesses in EVERY SECTOR of the cannabis industry, including managing the first dispensary in the City of Los Angeles, doing product development and operations management for one of the largest edible companies in CA, setting up operations for a recreational edible company in WA, project management for a cannabis testing lab and processor with locations in CA, WA and OR, and 2 years apprenticing under a master grower. Top off that decade with a year of management consulting and year of advising and, BOOM. Drops the mic...

I like to joke. People find me funny(at least the cool people do). Joking around helps take the edge off of the realistic realness bombs I'm known to drop. I get my killer insights from

- over a decade of having hands-on operational experience at every stop along the supply chain(cultivation, manufacturing, extraction, lab, and retail). 

I have seen over a decade of cannabis companies, ideas, products arrive and then fail or disappear. I have had thousands of conversations with entrepreneurs, investors, startups, consumers, patients, every part of this industry. You can't google what I know. What would take you hours, I probably already know, or can find out in minutes. I read and discuss industry news daily and I tell it like it is. No sugar coat, no BS. 


If I don't know something, I will say as much, and then find the answer. I have a very inquisitive, detail oriented mind. I have a keen eye for spotting inefficiencies and inaccuracies. Once you've put out enough operational fires, pre-emptive questions come instinctively. 


I am logical, rational and honest. My passion is teaching people about cannabis and critical thinking!


Unfortunately, NO ONE is above getting fucked over in one fashion or another in this newly emerging industry.


I founded the Meetup group Soil to the Oil: Cannabis Science Classes, in Los Angeles, where I teach monthly terpene classes and other science related gatherings. I'm a co-host on Notes From The Underground, on 89.1 FM KNSJ San Diego, every Friday night at 7p (PST), and I have a podcast called The CannaBS Detector, where I speak to experts about the common scams and pitfalls that investors, entrepreneur, and companies inevitably encounter in the cannabis industry.

I love to dispel BS and bring light to that which is unknown and/or underestimated by the majority of people and businesses entering the cannabis industry



FACT: There will never be a shortage of lawyers, consultants, investors, business owners, and landlords selling you on your dream. What you need in this industry is an advisor that you can trust to have YOUR BEST INTERESTS in mind.



In the wise words of Roy H. Williams:

“A smart person makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again. But a wise person finds a smart person and learns from them how to avoid the mistake altogether”